U.S. Diversity Group offers three main ways to


U.S. Diversity Group provides different investment options, so you can choose the one that's right for you, or the organization you represent. Whether your interests are personal, professional, philanthropic, or all three, one of these levels is right for you.

Investor Partner:

An option that frequently works for families, individuals, private companies, financial institutions, non-profits, and family businesses. Its features include:

Sponsor/Diversity Partner:

This is a good fit for developers, property owners, residential and commercial investors, deal syndicators, municipalities, and business owners. Its features include:

Social Impact Partner:

This investment level is ideal for high-profile individuals such as business leaders, political leaders, professional athletes, community activists, religious leaders, and celebrities. Its features include:

Interest-Accruing Asset Partner:

While many investors wish to own shares of one or more hotels, this investment level provides options for investors who wish to use an interest-bearing debt structure.